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Serena is Parkland Garden Centre’s on-site landscape designer. She holds a diploma in Horticulture, with a major in Landscaping. She graduated with honours, and has been with Parkland Garden Centre for 6 years. Serena is passionate about helping with your landscaping needs and has a unique way of bringing humor to the process too.
Chat with the designer:
Q: We’d love to know, as a landscape designer, what are some of your favorites when it comes to plant material?
S: The Amur cherry tree is one of my favorites because it provides year round interest. It has white flowers in the spring, followed by beautiful summer green foliage. In the fall it presents this amazing yellow colour and in the winter you’ll love its striking copper peeling textured bark. The berries are wonderful for attracting the birds as well, so the Amur cherry tree is indeed very showy. When it comes to shrubs, I quite like the Ivory halo dogwood for its variegated leaf. It has summer colour as well as winter interest. This shrub does not grow out of control in size. The red bark in winter is contrasted with this gorgeous ivory edged green leaf. I love perennials too. The purple Liatris is one of my favorites. This flowering perennial has an extended blooming time right into the fall season and it’s also quite hardy. When planting, make sure this plant receives more sun than shade. I also like non-flowering foliage perennials which are ornamental grasses as a whole. They are easy to care for, drought tolerant and again, provide winter interest- which is a big plus because we tend to have an extended winter season. One of my all-time favorite annuals is the wave petunia. It’s such a pretty flower and so easy to care for. They are known for their intense, long lasting colour and they grow quite quickly too.
Q: What are some of the current trends you encounter in landscape design?
S: Most definitely that would be” low maintenance planning.” This is a big thing for people simply because they are working and they want to spend time enjoying their yard, not necessarily working in it. So this is where I come in. My job is to help people decide how to best utilize and extend their outdoor living space. The secondary concern regarding yards is privacy. It is a growing factor because yards are getting smaller. One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do you attain privacy without blocking out sun from your yard?”

Q: What is one of your most popular requests when you meet with someone for a landscape design?

A: A common request I get is to “make my yard look pretty.” And I am quite happy to help them do that.

Q: What are two goals this year for landscape design and consultation? What is important to you?

A: I’d have to say, focusing on two key topics. Usable space: what is it and how can achieve this goal? And how to transform your yard into your paradise.